orangebridge_bookThank you for visiting the official website of Why Is That Bridge Orange?

Why Is That Bridge Orange? is not just another book that tells the same old stories about San Francisco, a city that we all love. Instead, it answers questions that many visitors and residents alike have asked themselves over and over again. Why is a model of a ship hanging in front of a restaurant? How do the Cable Cars actually work? And did topless dancing really get invented in San Francisco?

Why Is That Bridge Orange? answers these questions and 83 more. And unlike a history book that talks about places long gone, you can still visit the buildings and places described in my book. You might even use it as a special tour guide – a tour guide that leads you to places that you won’t see on an average visit to the City by the Bay. Or you can impress your friends who might even be born and raised in The City with your knowledge.

From the menu on the left, you can check out some samples from the book, find out what readers are saying and of course order the book in several different editions. And in the News section, you can learn about special events such as readings where you can meet me and ask me some questions that I have not yet answered.

Keep exploring!

– Art Peterson