What Readers Say

Read this book immediately, so you will sound smart and knowledgeable when your out-of-town guests ask tough questions about our glorious town.

(Daniel Handler, Author, Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Written with a deft touch and plenty of humor, Why Is That Bridge Orange? fills each compact chapter with enough new information to instruct and entertain even a 35-year resident like myself. It’s the rare tourist book that will appeal as much (if not more) to locals.

(Judy Irving, Producer-Director, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill)

As a city boy and non-fiction writer focusing on North Beach history, my first reaction to this book was “Dang, why didn’t I think of that?” Art Peterson answers questions that have lingered in my mind for years and provides a history and guide that is hard to put down.

(Dick Boyd, Author of Broadway North Beach: The Golden Years)

A perfect blend of history, mystery, and great photography

(Catherine Accardi, Author of San Francisco’s North Beach and Telegraph Hill and San Francisco Landmarks)

San Francisco’s charms and endless fascinations come to life in this enthralling page turner. Even longtime San Franciscans will learn a lot from it.

(Timothy Ferris, Longtime San Franciscan and Author of Coming of Age in the Milky Way)

Why Is That Bridge Orange? is one of a kind. This book brings together an incredible variety of San Francisco experience and tells the story of one of the greatest cities of the world in a way that is lively, educational, and entertaining.

(David Chiu, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors)

Art Peterson has provided us with a precious gift—enjoyable, easy to read bites of San Francisco, written with humor, clarity, and style.

(Ruth Gottstein, publisher of Masha Zakheim’s Coit Tower San Francisco Its History and Art)

Art Peterson brings to Why Is That Bridge Orange? the same talent for engaging and succinct story telling he has long demonstrated as a teacher, writer, and editor.

(Sharon J. Washington, Executive Director, National Writing Project)

Like its infamous Lombard “Crooked” Street, San Francisco is a town of many twists and turns. Art Peterson examines many of these quirks and curiosities and engagingly tells how they came to be.

(Jeff Adachi, SF Public Defender)

Art Peterson brings into perspective San Francisco’s roguish and delightful past by taking a close and well-photographed look at the monuments that are still with us.

(Denise D’Anne, Labor and Environmental Activist)

I’ve been researching San Francisco history for a long time but still got caught up in Why Is That Bridge Orange? The book is a great and compact summary of some of San Francisco’s most interesting tales. For visitors, it’s a good and reliable guide that offers views beyond the usual tourist spots.

(Julie Christensen, Community Leader)

This is what a book about a city should be. Why Is That Bridge Orange? brings the then and now together in rich detail with uncluttered execution. Highly readable text, wonderful photos, overall enchanting.

(Mal Sharpe, Legendary Bay Area Radio Performer, Humorist and Director of the Big Money in Jazz Band)

This is anything but a book of San Francisco Trivial Pursuit. Art Peterson, a skilled storyteller, masterfully weaves little known tales of San Francisco’s past into entertaining and informative vignettes. I’ll never see the city the same way again.

(Grant Faulkner, executive director National Story Month and founder of 100 Word Stories)

From the quirky to the profound, from then to the now, Why Is That Bridge Orange? covers scores of quintessentially important aspects of our amazing city. It encapsulates all that makes San Francisco the envy of the world.

(Aaron Peskin, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors 2005-2009)

Why Is That Bridge Orange? lifts the curtain on the secrets that make San Francisco San Francisco, pursuing the city’s secret stories, unlikely dreams, and zany tales.

(Jon Golinger, former President, Telegraph Hill Dwellers, and Chairman, The Committee to Save Coit Tower)